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Quantrax RMEx™ Collection Management System

The foundation of CBC’s recovery performance, regulatory compliance and data security begins with our powerful, artificial intelligence-based collection management system: Quantrax Corporation’s RMEx™ integrated collection management and automated dialer platform.

The collection management system (operated on our AS/400 IBM platform) supports all facets of our collection functionality:
  • Account tracking and processing
  • Voice and predictive dialer
  • Scoring analytics and segmentation
  • Skip tracing and patient location
  • Correspondence and mail distribution
  • Information management and reporting
  • Legal forwarding
  • Debtor email and text notifications
  • Federal and state compliance

Our strategic partnership with Quantrax Corporation permits a firm such as CBC to do what we do best: Locate and engage patients in “crucial conversations” that lead to the identification and receipt of sustainable payment arrangements, maximizing dollars to your bottom line – while always promoting and protecting your reputation with patients in the communities you serve. Under a user-license agreement with Quantrax, the system enables us to outperform even the largest and most respected firms in the collection industry.

RMEx™ employs a Windows-based graphical user interface (GUI) that is extremely user friendly for our collectors. Because the system is easy for our workforce to use, it enables efficient work efforts and maximizes productivity.

Since CBC converted to Quantrax in 2011 (from our former DOS-based system), our recovery rates have improved 34% -- resulting in significantly stronger recoveries and more satisfied clients. These results validate our investment in one of the most robust and powerful systems in the collection industry today.

(All CBC data servers are stored in a locked/environmentally controlled room with key card access only available to authorized key staff members.)