Traditional Debt Recovery

All Accounts placed for collection will be acknowledged upon receipt and set up for immediate collection in our fully automated collection system. Collection action is initiated within 48 hours from the time of placement, often within 24 hours.

Each account will receive an initial written demand which includes a validation clause (the Mini-Miranda as required by federal law) in order to bring to the surface any disputes and thereby allowing our collection staff to resolve them and continue collection efforts while encouraging a satisfactory client/debtor relationship.

Accounts will receive collection efforts on a timely and equal basis to insure maximum recovery regardless of the balance, with a normal follow-up of five to ten days depending on the debtor’s response.

Obviously, the follow-up depends on whether the debtor makes a promise, keeps a promise or breaks a promise. Our collectors are trained to handle every account on an individual basis up to and including the recommendation of initiation of legal action with your written permission.

Critical Questions

Important questions when establishing an agency relationship.
Many agencies appear to do you a service by quoting a low commission rate for their collection efforts. The fact is, when this happens, you should be extremely skeptical… Read More !

Is your collection agency constantly innovating its systems to increase its effectiveness, so they can spend more time making you money?
At CBC, we spent over $100,000 last year alone on technology and systems to enhance our capacity to serve our clients’- and your customers’- individual needs… Read More !


Is your agency complicating your life with poor communication, complicated IS interface and non-customized reports?
Communication is the key to all successful partnerships in personal or business relationships. At CBC we truly believe that we have a partnership with our clients… Read More !

Did you contract with your collection agency, only to find out it would take six weeks to develop the capacity to handle your accounts?
CBC’s expanded facilities offer the capacity to handle your accounts immediately with little interruption in your collection cycle… Read More !

Placement Guidelines

The following information is provided for you so we may be able to collect your accounts promptly and efficiently.

  • Please use the provided turnover sheets or copies of your debtor demographics and invoice.
  • We encourage electronic placement of accounts to allow our collection team to begin collecting your money immediately.
  • Please print all necessary information making sure it is accurate, and legible. This takes the “guessing” out for our data entry and means quicker collection for you.
  • Date of Last Transaction is a vital piece of information. Without this date, the Credit Bureaus will NOT allow the debt to report on the debtors credit report.
  • To ensure accuracy of placement total, each placement will generate an placement acknowledgment for delivery to client’s office. Please verify number of accounts and dollars placed.

Self Pay Services

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act is forcing many patients to face higher self-pay balances that can affect your facility’s financial position. We have been helping hospitals manage their self-pay accounts since 1942. Along with deep experience, we offer technology and best-practice processes that are beyond the capabilities of most healthcare clients.

Our approach can strengthen your cash flow while maintaining our “no complaint” processes that help you maintain and enhance your relationship with the community.

We offer a dedicated, 100% USA-based team of self-pay customer service collectors — each with an average or 5+ years’ experience.


Our solutions — all based on your requirements, not ours — include:

A team of customer service representatives dedicated to your organization, including dedicated project managers/supervisors, plus a dedicated compliance team Our own state-of-the-art patient accounting system (IMS) integrated with an interactive, automated dialer, and statement and letter generation

Quantrax RMEx™ Collection Management System

The foundation of CBC’s recovery performance, regulatory compliance and data security begins with our powerful, artificial intelligence-based collection management system: Quantrax Corporation’s RMEx™ integrated collection management and automated dialer platform.

The collection management system (operated on our AS/400 IBM platform) supports all facets of our collection functionality:

Traditional Debt Recovery

Critical Questions

Placement Guidelines

Self Pay Services

Superior Technology

Online Payment