Critical Questions

Communication is key.

Is your agency complicating your life with poor communication, complicated IT interface and non-customized reports?

Communication is the key to all successful partnerships in personal or business relationships. At CBC we truly believe we have a partnership with our clients. We ensure efficient, genuine communication from the moment you interact with our sales team.

We have an experienced and dedicated team of Information System experts. This skilled team has dealt with all forms of placement files, system access issues, and multiple different systems.

Because we have a committed team of IS professionals, we can customize your reports if our basic ones do not contain the information you need. We want to support you, simplify your job, and make you look good to your boss. We get the data you want to see and compile powerful reports to meet your requirements.

Did you contract with your collection agency, only to find out it would take six weeks to develop the capacity to handle your accounts?

CBC’s expanded facilities offer the capacity to handle your accounts immediately—with little interruption in your collection cycle.

Most collection agencies’ operations are limited to their current capacity, and their ability to increase capacity to serve a new client—especially a large client—is very limited. At CBC, our brand-new 12,000+ square–foot facility and our flexible operations help us serve new clients immediately without interrupting their normal collection cycles. This means our customers can be confident in their cash flow from debt recovery when making important short-term financial decisions.