The CBC Difference

Many agencies appear to do you a service by quoting a low commission rate for their collection efforts, but when that happens, you should be extremely skeptical of the service quality you will receive. The most effective collection agencies are committed to continuously improving and developing their operations through investment in quality people and advanced artificial intelligence tools.

Personalized Strategies

Customized Approach

No two patients are alike, nor should your collection strategy be. We customize for each client according to demographic, geographic location, balance of account and more.

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Innovative Technology

Leading AI Platform

CBC’s recovery performance, regulatory compliance and data security safeguards begin with our powerful, artificial intelligence-based collection management system.

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Communications Strategy

Coordinated Contact System

Leveraging significant investments in automation, artificial intelligence and coordinated contact strategies

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Guaranteed Compliance

Exceeding Expectations

Multiple layers of accountability, compliance tools, and risk management across the organization ensure we exceed your expectations and your patients’ in every way.

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High Contact Rates

Better Recovery

Our personalized process delivers higher contact rates, resulting in higher recovery and complete patient satisfaction. The results speak for themselves.

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Patient Satisfaction

99.9% Satisfaction Rates

With more than 20,000 hours of recorded talk time last year with 1.2 million patients, we received less than .1% complaints.

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Advanced, Multi-Lingual AI

Our fully compliant iBOT Alex chatbot is integrated into our services, helping
customers easily complete payment 24/7.

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24/7/365 Access

Being available whenever you need to reach us is an automatic and unique feature of your relationship with CBC.

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CBC takes great pride in maximizing its recovery rate for its clients by using all available industry resources, such as state-of-the-art technology and systems, advanced skip-tracing and patient billing procedures. Additionally, CBC is committed to hiring and retaining only the finest collection associates. With this business philosophy, CBC has consistently outperformed its competition in maximizing client revenue— continually increasing profitability for clients.

Consider the following true story from a client who came to CBC after being disappointed in past agencies. Those agencies quoted the client an attractive 20% commission rate, but their disappointing recovery rates cost the client thousands of dollars in additional revenue.


Agency Monthly Placements Recovery Rate Monthly Gross Collections Annual Gross Collections Commission Rate Agency Fees Net to Hospital
CBC $10,000,000 13.87 $1,387,000 $16,644,000 22% $3,661,680 $12,982,320
Agency X $10,000,000 12.1 $1,210,000 $14,524,000 18% $2,614,320 $11,909,680
Agency Y $10,000,000 11.1 $1,110,000 $13,320,000 16% $2,131,200 $11,188,800