Personalized Strategies

No two patients are alike, nor should your collection strategy be. We work with each client to customize the approach to best reach your patients.

  • We work with each client to create custom workflows, all the way down to the account-level. Big collection competitors often don’t take the time to offer that flexibility. We collect at an individual account level, not a book of business level.
  • Custom workflows according to demographic, geographic location, balance of account.
  • We develop a customized, integrated contact strategy for each client: Email, text, voicemail drop, IVR, live agent, chatbot and letters.
  • We work closely with patients, treating them with compassion and respect, to develop a personalized payment plan that meets their budget and follows your guidelines
  • Flexible payment options, so patients can choose their preferred method: mail, text, online, chatbot, or live agent.
  • Offering Early Out and Bad Debt recovery strategies
  • CBC staff follows up on denied/delayed claims to reduce your A/R days