Unified Communications Strategy

Leveraging significant investments in automation, artificial intelligence and coordinated contact strategies, CBC has developed a coordinated contact system, which we call our Unified Communications Strategy. The result is the culmination of years of striving for superior levels of automation. While there are many ways to contact a consumer (traditional post-office, mail, phone calls, email, and texting), outbound campaigns are likely to become increasingly challenging, with carriers actively helping consumers block phone calls. The path to future success is helping guide payers to self-service using leading artificial intelligence technology.

  • Advanced, multi-lingual chatbot is integrated into our services, helping customers complete payment 24/7. 8 AI languages available, plus live English and Spanish.
  • CBC utilizes the only secondary collection platform to offer short code texting communication fully integrated and built into the account flow without having to worry about file or data transfer. With short code, we can automatically send out mass texts with embedded links to self-payment options, increasing engagement.