Self-Pay Services

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act is forcing many patients to face higher self-pay balances that can affect your facility’s financial position. We have been helping hospitals manage their self-pay accounts since 1942. Along with deep experience, we offer technology and best-practice processes that are beyond the capabilities of most healthcare clients.

Our approach can strengthen your cash flow while maintaining our “no complaint” processes that help you maintain and enhance your relationship with the community.

We offer a dedicated, 100% USA-based team of self-pay customer service collectors — each with an average of 5+ years’ experience.

Our solutions — all based on your requirements, not ours — include:

  • A team of customer service representatives dedicated to your organization, including dedicated project managers/supervisors, plus a dedicated compliance team
  • Our own state-of-the-art patient accounting system (IMS) integrated with an interactive, automated dialer, and statement and letter generation.
  • HIPAA-compliant, VPN-secure, double-encrypted connectivity to your system.
  • 100% call recording.
  • Proprietary validation waterfall for all accounts.
  • Customizable client-directed workflows.
  • All account activity seamlessly uploaded daily directly to your patient accounting system.
  • Acceptance of electronic check and credit card transactions, with payments made daily reporting to your facility.
  • Monthly recon of your system of record against our system of record.
  • Expanded business office hours, including weekends.
  • Financial assistance screening.
  • Screening for government and commercial insurance plans.
  • Dedicated escalation team to handle patient guarantor concerns.
  • Monthly executive recap of collections (including recommendations).
  • Ability to provide statement services, including monthly patient reminders.
  • Ability to accept and normalize multiple client files to produce a daily input file.
  • Ability to provide statement services, including monthly patient reminders.
  • Payment plan monitoring with a specialized team of CSRs.
  • Client-driven, custom reporting packages on a variety of call center metrics and key performance indicators.