Communication Instruction

Welcome to the multi-platform communication instruction page. Alex and CBC welcome your desire to contact us via all the methods below. The consumer information supplied is for test driving the process. Communication on account currently placed with CBC can be accessed using the same process below and using the “live” information on the account (name, account number, etc.)

For online chat, use your pc to go to and use account number 01200329218 to validate. Then follow the instructions.

To speak with Alex, call toll free 833-464-0910 and use account number 01200329218 to validate. Then follow the instructions.

As well, our system provides text communication capabilities to debtors for account resolution. Simply send a “text me please” text to 423-301-5021. Use account number 01200329218 to validate. Then ask questions regarding the account.

Please let us know how we can improve any of the processes offered above by sending an email to