Critical Questions

Important questions when establishing an agency relationship.

Many agencies appear to do you a service by quoting a low commission rate for their collection efforts. The fact is, when this happens, you should be extremely skeptical of the quality of service level! Collection agencies that provide the highest and most effective services are committed to continuously improving and developing their operations through investment in quality people and tools.

CBC takes great pride in maximizing its recovery rate for its clients and uses all the resources available in the industry – from state of the art technology and systems to advanced skip-tracing and patient billing procedures, as well as its commitment to hiring and retaining only the finest collection associates. This business philosophy has allowed CBC to consistently out-perform the competition in competitive placement situations.

This commitment to performance means added revenue and increased profitability to your bottom line.

For example, take the following scenario from an actual CBC client:

As you can see, even though Agencies X and Y have quoted an attractive commission rate of only 20%, their inferior recovery rate could mean a difference of nearly $250,000 annually in collected revenues with one agency receiving 100% of placements – having a significant impact on the bottom line! Even in 50/50 split placing with Agency X or Y, the difference could be more than $125,000. Excuse me, but that is a lot of additional revenue.


Agency Monthly Placements Recovery Rate Gross Collections Gross X 12 Commission Rate Agency Fees Net to Hospital
CBC $1,000,000 13.87 $138,700 $1,664,400 22% $366,168 $1,298,232
Agency X $1,000,000 12.1 $121,000 $1,452,400 20% $290,400 $1,161,600
Agency Y $1,000,000 11.1 $111,000 $1,332,000 20% $266,400 $1,065,600
Critical Questions

Is your collection agency constantly innovating its systems to increase its effectiveness, so they can spend more time making you money?

At CBC, we spent over $100,000 last year alone on technology and systems to enhance our capacity to serve our clients’- and your customers’- individual needs.

CBC’s success depends on our ability to innovate our business systems through technology. Our software package is Ontario Systems’ FACS (Flexible Automated Collection System), which runs on a Red Hat Linux R8 Unlimited Users License operating system utilizing a platform consisting of Intel Tower w/Pentium 4 3.2 GHz CPU w/512 KB Cache and 144 GB of storage with Adaptec 3200 Dual Channel RAID mirrored drives. The FACS system is currently in use by over 300 agencies and facilities, and is one of the most flexible software systems in the industry. Customized and supported by our own Information Systems staff, our software provides our collectors and clients with current and complete information, while permitting management to consistently monitor and review work productivity, including “real time” monitoring thru the GC Monitor application.

Our system provides the collector with automated payer follow-up including reminder and default letters, collector queuing, on-line notes, collection letters generated after case by case review, payment history, management review, and many other features, including:

  • Automatic multiple account batching
  • Customizable pre-collect programs
  • Up to 900 user defined windows
  • Customized management reports
  • 500 different collection letters
  • Automated call-back scheduling
  • Account inquiry by name, client account number, address, phone number, or social security number.

From a management perspective, the system graphs productivity, monitors collection by the time of day, provides a huge assortment of reports, permits legal follow-up, case load distribution, and menu driven queue sorts and prioritization, along with management review and intervention.

Our system’s “Tactics” feature enables management to set system parameters by client, on how accounts will flow through the system as well as merge new debtor demographics with existing accounts residing in the system.

Also, CBC’s “Tactics” feature establishes how specific accounts (for example determined by pay class, such as Medicare) will move from one disposition to another, and sets the procedures and quality control checks and balances by which those accounts will be worked. We have the capability to monitor both collection calls and collection activity including client requests, dollars promised, contacts, attempts, etc. Through “tactics”, accounts that fall within assigned criteria automatically receive management review.

We have tailored our system to meet the ongoing challenge of collecting all stages of delinquent patient accounts through these difficult economic times, and provide our clients with the ever-tightening controls needed to thrive in a down-turned credit economy.

CBC’s focus on productivity is supported by some of the finest technology available in the collection industry. Those technologies include CBC’s predictive dialing system , called “Guaranteed Contacts” (GC). GC is fully integrated with our collection software. Some of the exciting highlights of the predictive dialer are:

  • Inbound and outbound call management
  • Unattended messaging
  • Dramatically increased contacts
  • Individual algorithms by calling campaign
  • Multiple campaign capability
  • Silent monitoring by supervisors
  • Complete answering machine, busy signal, and no-answer screening
  • Real time statistics
  • Automated data transfer (seamless interface)
  • Formatted and ad hoc reporting
  • Automated time and time zone recognition

With a manual or basic auto dialer system, collectors average only 12 to 18 minutes of each hour talking to contacts. CBC’s technology has tripled our collectors’ effectiveness by increasing “contact time” to 45 minutes per hour.CBC’s predictive dialers increase our productivity by automatically handling all mundane dialing tasks. Our system dials out on more lines than there are workstations, automatically sorting each call outcome into appropriate queues. Our system accomplishes this by passing only those calls that have been answered by a “live voice” to our collectors. Busy signals and no-answers are automatically placed in separate queues to be called back at a different time. Answering machines can be retried later or passed to an operator who will leave a message. By connecting our collectors to only those calls that have been answered, the predictive dialer gives our collectors more time to produce results, by spending their time doing what they do best: Talking with your customers.

For example, a customer who is difficult to reach may require 30 to 40 attempts to make a single contact. For an agency without a predictive dial system, contact is highly unlikely. With GC however, we can dial an account hundreds of times, if necessary, to make contact. As a practical matter, after 30 or 40 unsuccessful attempts, our system will default the account to a management queue, where it will be reviewed and researched for a new contact number. Once a new number for the customer is identified, the account will be re-downloaded into the system, and our dialer will begin again.

Unattended Messaging provides even more contacts to CBC

This technology allows CBC to send out automated messages to your debtors. This is helpful because we can make calls during legal calling times, even if these times are outside of our normal business hours. The automated message informs the debtor that they have a very important business message and to please call our office during business hours to discuss the matter. No private health information or other sensitive information is given so that if a third party hears the message, they will not know that it is communication from a debt collector.

Our approach to searching for debtors utilizes many different Skip-Tracing tools

CBC utilizes multiple approaches to finding debtors. Among the tools used are skip and credit reports, directory assistance and neighbor searches. In Addition, CBC can send automated research files to be scrubbed by NCOA, Accurint, TransUnion, Experian and others! We have a dedicated team for skip-tracing that does nothing but locate debtors.

Our software is supported 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by Ontario Systems. They access our system through a secure online connection, and they are always available for on-site maintenance to handle any software problems or programming needs. We also have a systems manager on staff that has been with us since 1980. Hardware support is provided by Delta Data and RTL Technologies 24 hours a day, which guarantees minimal downtime.


Critical Questions

Is your agency complicating your life with poor communication, complicated IS interface and non-customized reports?

Communication is the key to all successful partnerships in personal or business relationships. At CBC we truly believe that we have a partnership with our clients. Communicating effectively starts at the sales process and continues after you have decided to partner with CBC.

At CBC we have an experienced and dedicated team of Information System experts. Our experienced team has dealt with all forms of placement files, system access issues, and interfacing with many different systems that our clients use.

Because we have a dedicated team of IS professionals, we can customize reports that you need if our basic reports do not contain the information you must have. We want to support you in your job and we want to make you look good to your boss. We obtain the information that you want to see and with our powerful report writer almost any report can be produced to meet your needs.

Critical Questions

Did you contract with your collection agency, only to find out it would take six weeks to develop the capacity to handle your accounts?

CBC’s expanded facilities offer the capacity to handle your accounts immediately with little interruption in your collection cycle.

Most collection agencies’ operations are limited to the capacity they are serving at any given moment. Their ability to ramp-up capacity to serve a new client – especially a large client – are very limited. At CBC, our brand new 12,000+ square – foot facility and flexible operations allow us the ability to serve new clients immediately with little to no interruption in their normal collection cycles. This means our customers can be confident when changing collection agencies that they can count on the cash flow from debt recovery when making important short-term financial decisions.