Placement Guidelines

The following information is provided to you so we may be able to collect your accounts promptly and efficiently.

  • Please use the provided turnover sheets or copies of your debtor demographics and invoice.
  • We encourage electronic placement of accounts to allow our collection team to begin collecting your money immediately.
  • Please print all necessary information, making sure it is accurate and legible. This takes the “guessing” out for our data entry and means quicker collection for you.
  • Date of Last Transaction is a vital piece of information. Without this date, the credit bureaus will NOT allow the debt to report on the debtor’s credit report.
  • To ensure accuracy of placement total, each placement will generate a placement acknowledgment for delivery to client’s office. Please verify number of accounts and dollars placed.
  • Please include your client number on all forms mailed or faxed to us. If you are not using turnover sheets, please make sure you give us the following on a cover page with the accounts: Client Name, Client Address, Client Telephone Number, Client Number, Person who authorized accounts for turnover and their title. (This gives us accurate information plus a contact person in your office if needed).
  • If services were rendered for a minor, please indicate this on the statements, turnover sheets or cover page. We cannot use the Social Security numbers of minors in our system. We must have information on the person responsible for the account.
  • If the debtor has signed any financial policies from your office, please enclose a copy when the accounts are turned over to us.
  • REMEMBER Our Client Services Department is here to meet your needs.