ED Subcontractor CAI Receives FISMA Certification

By November 7, 2014 No Comments

Credit Adjustments, Inc. (CAI), a nationally operated accounts receivable management firm, has announced it has received certification from Crimson Security for its compliance with the Federal Information Systems Management Act (FISMA).

One of the express purposes contained in the legislation when passed in 2002 was to “provide a comprehensive framework for ensuring the effectiveness of information security controls over information resources that support Federal operations and assets.” FISMA has since been adopted as an information security standard by Federal agencies to include the U.S. Department of Education and, by extension, its Private Collection Agencies (PCAs). CAI is a subcontractor for multiple PCAs and has worked on the contract over the past three years.

CAI worked diligently since December of 2011 to implement practices and policies to conform with FISMA. The company then had its practices and policies audited by Crimson, which has also provided the same services to PCAs working for ED. CAI’s use of a firm that has audited ED PCAs ensures the scrutiny CAI withstood was the same degree of scrutiny those firms underwent, ensuring CAI’s information security systems are on par with those of ED PCAs.

This announcement is a continuation of the company’s activities to continue growing in its core markets. Other key announcements in the past few years you can read about at have included:

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CAI President Dexter A. Smith stated, “I would like to commend all of those who contributed to this effort within our organization for making this certification possible. The sense of urgency displayed by the individuals involved in the process at CAI speaks well of our organization’s ability to get things done the right way the first time, and quickly.”

Michael Osborne, Chairman and CEO, responded, “This is an immense accomplishment for CAI and our employees who have worked so diligently during the past year to achieve this certification. It reflects the advanced security measurements and practices we offer, which not only fulfill the requirements of Federal agencies such as ED, but also enable us to ensure the highest level of service and security to all of CAI’s clients.”

CAI is a leading provider of collection solutions for healthcare, educational, and consumer organizations nationally.