InsideARM Press Release

By February 13, 2018 No Comments

Credit Adjustments, Inc. (CAI), a national ARM company, is planning to expand operations to Toledo, OH, adding 500 jobs over the next three years. Although best known as a leader in healthcare and higher education receivables, CAI utilizes its human talent and automation technologies to provide a full-range of contact management solutions. Based in Defiance, OH, CAI also has an office in Manchester, NH.

“Our business continues to grow and we feel that Toledo offers a great opportunity for us,” said Michael Osborne, Chairman of the Board, CAI. “We just celebrated the grand opening of our first Toledo location on the third floor of ProMedica’s Ebeid Institute. This location will house up to 60 of our new employees, but it is only the beginning.”
As a faith-based company, CAI looked at not only the economic factors in expanding to Toledo, but also the social issues. “We feel that we have a responsibility to improve the lives in the communities we serve,” shared Mr. Osborne. “It’s about the EROI – the eternal return on investment.”
CAI has partnered with Cherry Street Mission Ministries’ Life Revitalization Center (LRC) on a call center training program. The goal is to offer individuals who successfully complete the training program an opportunity to be employed in the same community. Through this partnership, eight of the 17 employees starting in the new office graduated from this program. This training program is one of the reasons that expanding further in Toledo makes sense. In addition, discussions with JobsOhio and local government entities have begun and certain project details are contingent on state and local incentives.
CAI believes that others will follow and move businesses to the area as a trained workforce develops. By adding the 500 jobs, including management positions, to the uptown/downtown area of Toledo, CAI hopes to witness a positive impact on the surrounding neighborhoods. Programs like the LRC and ProMedica’s Ebeid Financial Opportunity Center also provide those necessary support and wrap-around services to the employees.

CAI’s commitment to Defiance still remains strong as plans for a new corporate headquarters are being finalized and additional jobs continue to be added in Defiance and Manchester as well.