At Credit Adjustments, Inc. (CAI), making a difference in the communities we serve is the foundation of everything we do, which is why we want to highlight some of our employees’ passions and missions. This year, we asked a few CAI representatives to share how they work to make a difference outside of their jobs. Here’s what they said:

Hayley Studer
Eliminating Poverty One Home at a Time

Hayley Studer, CAI’s Chief Mission Officer, first got connected to Back Bay Mission in Biloxi, Mississippi about seven years ago—and it changed her entire career path. Hayley went on a mission trip there to serve people in poverty through a housing rehabilitation program, and that was when she realized philanthropy could be a full-time job.

“Back Bay Mission shifted my perspective in life and in my career,” Hayley says. “It’s amazing how they help people journey out of poverty, and when I saw the type of impact they had, I knew I wanted to make that investment in others’ lives, too.”

Because of Back Bay Mission’s work, Hayley began pursuing her current career—where she oversees charitable activities and partnerships. “After just one week, I felt compelled to take my dedication to volunteering even further,” says Hayley. “Back Bay Mission doesn’t just change lives for people it serves; it also changes the lives of people who volunteer—and that makes it a hugely powerful organization.”

Every year, Hayley goes back to Biloxi for a mission trip to remind her where her inspiration began. Volunteering isn’t just a once-in-a-while event for Hayley; it’s a lifestyle, and she wants to inspire others to join, too.