At Credit Adjustments, Inc. (CAI), making a difference in the communities we serve is the foundation of everything we do, which is why we want to highlight some of our employees’ passions and missions. This year, we asked a few CAI representatives to share how they work to make a difference outside of their jobs. Here’s what they said:

Ricardo King
Removing Barriers to Self-Sufficiency

When a former colleague asked Ricardo King to join the board of Lott Industries, he jumped at the chance to advocate for people who couldn’t advocate for themselves. By providing educational and vocational opportunities to people with developmental disabilities, Lott Industries helps people eliminate barriers to self-sufficiency and find meaningful work.

“Working with Lott Industries gives me the chance to help people find their purpose,” says Ricardo, CAI’s Chief Compliance Officer. “I love advocating for people who can’t advocate for themselves and opening doors for opportunities they never knew they’d have.”

Ricardo is passionate about ensuring people with disabilities have the rights they deserve, and serving with Lott Industries gives him the opportunity to champion those rights in order to help people facing barriers to employment because of developmental disabilities.

“God gave people different abilities, and we should all be able to live out our purpose,” Ricardo says. “I love that this organization brings job opportunities to everyone and helps them integrate into society.”