The CBC Difference: Relationship

Many agencies appear to do you a service by quoting a low commission rate for their collection efforts, but when that happens, you should be extremely skeptical of the service quality you will receive. The most effective collection agencies are committed to continuously improving and developing their operations through investment in quality people and tools.

CBC takes great pride in maximizing its recovery rate for its clients by using all available industry resources, such as state-of-the-art technology and systems, advanced skip-tracing and patient billing procedures. Additionally, CBC is committed to hiring and retaining only the finest collection associates. With this business philosophy, CBC has consistently outperformed its competition in maximizing client revenue— continually increasing profitability for clients.

Consider the following true story from a client who came to CBC after being disappointed in past agencies. Those agencies quoted the client an attractive 20% commission rate, but their disappointing recovery rates cost the client thousands of dollars in additional revenue.


Agency Monthly Placements Recovery Rate Gross Collections Gross X 12 Commission Rate Agency Fees Net to Hospital
CBC $1,000,000 13.87 $138,700 $1,664,400 22% $366,168 $1,298,232
Agency X $1,000,000 12.1 $121,000 $1,452,400 20% $290,400 $1,161,600
Agency Y $1,000,000 11.1 $111,000 $1,332,000 20% $266,400 $1,065,600

Traditional Debt Recovery

Bad Debt Recovery

It’s what we have been doing since 1942. We take a different view on accounts that file for bankruptcy. Find out what sets us apart.

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Critical Questions

Communication is Key

Is your agency complicating your life with poor communication reports, complicated IS interface and non-customized reports?

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Placement Guidelines

Collect Accounts Promptly

Follow these guidelines so we may collect your accounts promptly and efficiently.

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Our Approach Can Strengthen Cash Flow

Strengthen cash flow while maintaining our “no compline” processes that help you maintain and enhance your relationship with the community.

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Superior Technology

Quantrax RMEx™ Collection Management System

Our Quantrax RMEx™ Collection Management System truly sets us apart from other agencies, find out how.

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Keep Your Files Secure

Transfer data safely and securely by logging into our data center.

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Free Credit

The only source for your free credit reports. Authorized by Federal Law.

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CBC’s Innovation

Our success depends on the ability to innovate.

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